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Performance Evaluation of 2020 with December results!

During December 2020, I decided to take a few steps to close the month with a 1.91% profit on total equity. Taking a position in the last month of the year is always risky because we do not know what will happen during the long weekend, liquidity also might be a good reason to stay safe away from taking too much risk.

In 2020, Forexa one achieved 372% profit on total equity during 2020 which is very strong results for a year that I have not completed. I started in May 2020 and I missed the first 4 months.

My strategy needs more enhancement during 2021, I need to increase shorter positions and to get out of long draw-down so, I can allow Forexa one to be copied by followers. Let’s look forward and get ready for 2021.

Happy new year to everyone!