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Forexa One: New Forex Signal

Forexa One is a paid signal for my favorite pairs: USD/JPY and EUR/JPY. Forexa One aims to provide reliable performance considering risks, profits and eliminating major losses. Manual trades with dynamic take profit & stop loss points based on technical/fundamental analysis. This is a better way for my followers and copiers to learn and follow my analysis in real trading account.

Forex Signal: Forexa One Guidelines

Forexa One Signal is High risk trading signal.

  • Signal started: May 2020
  • Projected win ratio for opened trades: 99-100%
  • Initial Deposit: 100 Dollar
  • Potential Target: 10,000 Dollar 
  • Hedging is enabled.
  • Maximum “acceptable” draw-down for the whole account (at any moment of trading): -98% which means that (2% of total equity invested in Signals is always safe)
  • Leverage used: 1:500
  • Maximum number of opened positions: 10 positions [Removed guideline, 1st January 2021]
  • Margin used to open positions  not more than 10% of total equity.
  • Signals are for short (daily basis) & long term (few weeks/months) trading so, do not worry if I let a position or more for long time or if I stick to sideline for a while.
  • Manage your money wisely, It is recommended to never invest more than 20% of your total equity in high risk signals.
  • Remember to withdraw part of your profits on the last day of every month.
  • This is Meta-trader 4 signal.
  • Broker used for Forexa One signal: XM | Create account in XM
    • Note: If you’ve current account with any different broker, You can use your current account as long as it is meta-trader 4.

How do you subscribe in Forexa One signal?

You can subscribe in Forexa one signal by registering in Then, you will go to Forexa One Signal page and subscribe using your account after linking it to your MT4 trading account.

Subscription fees: 31$ per Month

Performance Records Posts

By the end of every month, I will post my performance results.

See you by the end of May. Thank you!