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Forex Signal results: 5% Profit in May 2020

It was a great start for our new “Forexa one” Forex Signal, with 3 positions opened and closed during May 2020, achieved 5.09% profit on the total equity.

Corona-Virus effect on Global markets

May 2020 was a risky month for any Forex traders and investors. Corona-virus effect on the world’s economy was severe. In the United states only, the unemployment rate reached 14.7% and more than 20 million Americans lost their jobs. Nonfarm Payrolls of April 2020 was better than expected (Actual: -20500K and Expected was: -22000K). This provided a good support for the USDJPY during May 2020.

In a lock-down like that and uncertainty about when Corona-virus medicine or vaccine will be available worldwide, All these factors will probably lead to a recession in global markets.

By the end of May, Few countries announced that it will re-open its borders in June while practicing social distancing and their economies should start to move forward and recover losses caused by Corona-virus.

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See you in June 2020!

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