Forex Signals

Back to Strong profit in October

During October 2020, Forexa One signal achieved 8.81% profit on total equity. I successfully achieved higher profit than September 2020 results.

US election results will be watched closely in the first two weeks of November and the winner name will affect the stock market and currencies.

As you may heard before; president Trump always wanted to have cheaper dollar while Biden on the other side seems to be softer on US-China trade war, This means stronger US dollar in the long term if we are getting back to Obama’s mindset, after reaching a safe point with Covid-19.

Easing the trade war will have positive effect on the world economy and the US dollar too.

Again for the third month in row, Forgive me for the long suspension on MQL5. This will be removed once, I am back to lower draw-down and I will make sure to lower risk to achieve lower draw-down in the future.

Please notice that I’ve adjusted the maximum number of opened positions from 8 positions to 10 positions, this is permanent adjustment to increase the number of trades and potential short term profit without any effect on your equity safety or my trading strategy.