All New Forexa.me Website

Finally, I’ve released the new Forexa.me after long delay. New website with a new design and a new meta-trader 4 signal will be available for subscription on Sunday, 17th May, 2020. In the following part of the post, I will explain more details about the new Forexa.me

What’s new in Forexa.me

New Forexa.me Website

As you can see a new theme has been released. All the old posts which have been posted before 1st of May 2020 are moved to Forexa Archive category. However, this history will not be available for long time. I am planning to delete it by the end of May 2020. If you want to know more about forexa.me history, you have to browse this history before the end of May 2020. After that, I will delete all the history and just keep all the posts after 1st of May, 2020.

Removed Content and Updated

I’ve remove Partner of success (Broker reviews section) and I will not make any review for any broker any more. However, This does not mean that I will not keep you updated with the scammers that I usually face from time to time. Whenever I’ve something to tell, I will let you know for sure!

About section has been updated to tell you the whole story of Forexa.me

See you next Sunday. Have a great weekend!