Forexa, Let’s do some stable work!

I’ve missed you all and missed Honestly, I want to apologize for this long downtime. I did not mean to be that bad busy forex writer but, Life was so tough and you all knew. Forexa is not paying for my life expenses and as long as it is not profitable my priorities has dramatically changed in no time.

However, after this long time, I was able to rearrange my priorities and for the good luck, Forexa becomes one of my weekly tasks that I’ve listed for my self. I’ve a very long delay so, I will get back to analyze my favorite pairs, write some reviews on my favorite brokers and introduce the signal that I aimed to introduce few months ago. Read More

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Introducing Forexa Polls, searching for volunteers and working on StreamZ!

From day #1, our target is to reach all forex beginners and interested forex readers too and we’ve successfully built a decent level of attention to in a very short time.

However, can not survive without your shares, likes and your efforts to spread our work.

I am working hard to introduce more useful tools, reviews and information to boost up your profitability and make your forex trading easier. However, I believe that to give a reliable service I must test it well for long time and thats why I am delaying the release of FOREXA signals for a while and for now. Let’s have a look on

Forexa Polls

Forexa poll is a 30 days poll, where I will direct a quick question to my visitors and I will be waiting for your choices.

What is your favorite trading platform?

This is the question of April, my aim is to provide a reliable social opinion based on your preferences. Every vote will help forexa visitors to know what is the most popular trading platform between the traders/investors. Voting is easy, go to home page and from the choices pick one and confirm your choice by vote button.

Volunteers are welcome

Currently, I am providing analyses for the following pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, Gold (XAU/USD) and Silver (XAG/USD).

I am trying to add to my analyses new pairs however due to my limited time. I am unable to do that at the moment so, if you are qualified enough and have what it takes to share with us your own analysis. I will be really happy to have you in Forexa team as volunteer. I will give your full credits for your work, link to your profile and if your work is shining and reliable, you might be lucky to be hired or get a profit share in Forexa. wants to grow and you can be a part of that ..

Contact me – I am waiting your work!

New, coming soon?

The answer is YES. I am working on a fresh look for, I named it StreamZ released its first version on October 2014. Usually, the websites change their look every year. However, I am in hurry to move forward to a better theme quickly to fix all the current bugs and enhance how the website looks for everyone. Once I am ready to release it. I will do

Expect it during June 2015