Revamp – Analysis

I had a heavy workload the last month which stopped me from keeping you updated with what’s going on in the market.

Personally, I want to concentrate more in giving better – quick – analysis while the old analyses took too much time every day from me to write and edit so, I am moving forward to write 2-3 weekly analysis (posts) that I am analyzing every week. I am unable as a person to maintain daily coverage for what’s going on especially that is not my only workload.

In addition, Countdown just started to release my first (official) Signal which means that I will be concentrating more to give real signals for all my copiers. This should add more pressure on me and this is the real reason behind the revamp of my analysis in

Concentrated posts will be there starting from next week. I knew that you’ve missed me from your emails and I really missed you all. Bad things sometimes stop us from doing what we love to do.