Forex Brokers Review

Partners of Success

FOREXA.ME represents the real experience in forex world. One of the most important things that you will use during opening/closing your trades is the broker that will provide you with software and web trader to use.

Features, offers, deposits means, withdrawals procedures and account types are the things that will really help you to pick the right broker (~partner of success) for you. We’ve long list of brokers and to give them all a try, this is a mission impossible that I am looking forward to do. However, this will take long time in terms of trying and writing what I see. I’ll not put restrictive criteria for comparison but, I’ll tell what I am seeing during my experiments honestly and I’ll give a clear review about what I like and what I do not.

The number of brokers that I’ll test is one new broker every quarter a year (=3 months), this means 4 brokers every year. However, this number might increase in the near future so, If you are representing a broker (or the CEO himself), please send me a review request and I’ll be happy to try your services (with a demo or real account).

Remember that my reviews are based on personal preferences from a real full time trader. What I’ll be telling represents me and it does not have to represent how you pick your favorite broker. Give everything a try and pick by your own preference

The list of the brokers that I’ll test during the the next quarters (~will add more brokers every month):

Tradeo Q4 – 2014 RELEASED – 25th March, 2015
eToro Q1 – 2015 RELEASED – 6th May, 2015
Mercerfx  Q2 – 2015  Coming soon
 alpari-forex Q3 – 2015  Coming soon
InstaForex Q4 – 2015  Coming soon