Forexa, Let’s do some stable work!

I’ve missed you all and missed Honestly, I want to apologize for this long downtime. I did not mean to be that bad busy forex writer but, Life was so tough and you all knew. Forexa is not paying for my life expenses and as long as it is not profitable my priorities has dramatically changed in no time.

However, after this long time, I was able to┬árearrange my priorities and for the good luck, Forexa becomes one of my weekly tasks that I’ve listed for my self. I’ve a very long delay so, I will get back to analyze my favorite pairs, write some reviews on my favorite brokers and introduce the signal that I aimed to introduce few months ago.

I will start working on weekly basis on the mentioned tasks and whenever I finish any, I will release it. I will stick to weekly analysis and hopefully, I will be able to release the new signal and start writing more reviews about forex brokers.

Let’s do some stable work and see you on Monday