Alert: Watch out – are stealing their clients

I knew that I took too much time to come back but, actually – I took a small vacation to be ready for June forex events. I enhanced the look of with the brand new theme, I call this version: StreamZ

Now, let’s get back to business.


I am warning you from any kind of these emails (see screenshot below). I was active client who tested for around 4 months, after I stopped using their services. I just received this email few hours ago. is sending suspicious emails is sending suspicious emails

The link directed to me to a fake page (acts like dropbox page but, it is NOT) and it requires you to login via any email you’ve (Gmail, Yahoo and others). It is clear that this is a stealing trial for your login details whether from or from someone who is using their server to send these emails from

Anyway, take care from these bad trials to steal your informations, passwords and accounts and wait me the next week with new analysis for forex pairs.