New vision

It has been long time since I’ve wrote a post. However, It seems that time has come and a change in vision has to be done to keep the website running in a good form.

I released to share my technical analysis for certain Forex currencies & to write reviews on brokers I’ve tried through my journey as a Forex trader. I tried to keep this blog online with fresh content But, The fact is that it is very hard for me to keep doing my daily work “which is not related to forex” and keep updated.

Analyzing market, write and taking a screen shot for certain currencies every day or every week. This is a task; I’m not able to do efficiently without a delay, In addition, Market is moving fast, to be useful for everyone, I should post early to let the visitors follow my trades. That’s why I am moving forward and switching to signal provider.

I will work on a new website for and concentrate on posting my new PAID signal which you will be able to subscribe to. I will keep posting the monthly results. Currently, I am testing my broker services and Within April 2019, Wait for the new signal (& may be the new website).

Thanks for your trust

USD/JPY started November with bulls

Current trend: Uptrend prevailed then, sideline moves

Recommended position: Sell

  • Buy zone: 104.90
  • Sell zone: 109.60

Comment: Trump is the president of the united states for the next 4 years after a long marathon against Hilary Clinton. On the election day, it was dramatic move for the USD especially in front of the Japanese yen. The pair moved from 101.18 to 105.88 in one day after the announcement. Honestly, it was not expected to see such strong move. This is opening the door to test higher resistance around 109.80. Our recommendation is to hold on, sideline moves might control the next week!

USDJPY Forecast - November 2016

This post is valid during trading week: 13th-18th November, 2016

.. Still in the range: USD/JPY

Current trend: Sideline moves within the range

Recommended position: Sell

  • Buy zone: 99.80
  • Sell zone: 105.60

Comment: USDJPY is the same as the last week, Slow moves to the upper side of the range telling us that a bullish move is trying to form a support to move higher. Without any real action from Bank of Japan or the Federal Reserve of US, I would not buy this pair, at least till the US president election is giving us a name for the next US president. Watch out your positions, This pair is classified dangerous in the next week!

USDJPY Forecast - October 2016

This post is valid during trading week: 24th-28th October, 2016

Forexa, Let’s do some stable work!

I’ve missed you all and missed Honestly, I want to apologize for this long downtime. I did not mean to be that bad busy forex writer but, Life was so tough and you all knew. Forexa is not paying for my life expenses and as long as it is not profitable my priorities has dramatically changed in no time.

However, after this long time, I was able to rearrange my priorities and for the good luck, Forexa becomes one of my weekly tasks that I’ve listed for my self. I’ve a very long delay so, I will get back to analyze my favorite pairs, write some reviews on my favorite brokers and introduce the signal that I aimed to introduce few months ago. Read More