About Us

FOREXA.ME is a concentrated juice of my personal FOREX experience.

I’m Karim El Bawab, full time trader with +2 years of trading experience. I’m not that perfect trader however, I’ve reached a point where my advice will help the beginners to discover their own ways inside the forex trading.

FOREXA.ME is offering FOREX reviews, expectations and analyses for currency pairs and commodities based on technical analysis (with fundamental analysis in mind) on daily/weekly basis. In addition to all, what I read every day about currencies trading, economics and some financial topics. The reason behind that is that I want to build a reliable stable source for good reviews that every beginner can use with no hesitation.

FOREXA.ME has a vision, long term development plan and targets to work for. If you are interested to help, I am open for any kind of help (volunteers, donations and sharing FOREXA.ME posts in your social networks and websites).

FOREXA.ME is operating from Alexandria, Egypt. For inquiries, sponsorship offers and other suggestions, Please Contact me

FOREXA.ME is one of HOSTERA.COM Projects.

Have a good trading day